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Welcome to the webshop Doctorhoney, which belongs to the biotech company  ConCellae AB.

All H13 products contain a unique microbiome, i.e. a collaborative group of lactic acid bacteria derived from honeybees, and which the researchers and entrepreneurs Tobias Olofsson and Alejandra Vásquez discovered in their research at Lund University 10 years ago. These are delivered live and active in various honey mixtures that give the bacteria nutrition and protection.

The 13 newly discovered and patented lactic acid bacteria species included in the H13™ inside are:

Nine Lactobacilli: L. kunkeei Fhon2, L. apinorum Fhon13, L. mellifer Bin4, L. mellis Hon2, L. melliventris Hma8, L. kimbladii Hma2, L. helsingborgensis Bma5, L. kullabergensis Biut2 and L. apis Hma11.

Four Bifidobacteria: B. coryneforme Bma6, B. asteroides Bin2, Hma3 and Bin7.

These unique bacteria are found only in the H13 products and no other products on the market have them. The H13 products are innovative functional foods that are the result of Swedish research. The lactic acid bacteria do not survive in “ordinary” honey, as we know it in this part of the world, and thus are not found in any honey product.


  • All orders are shipped within 5 business days, usually on Mondays, and to Europe only.
  • The products must be stored in the freezer as soon as the customer receives them.


Folk medicine honey

The lactic acid bacteria have been protecting the bees and their honey for millions of years and humans learned to use them in honey all over the world, but what nobody knew before the discovery was made was that these unknown bacteria lay behind the honey’s use as folk medicine when they give the honey its characteristics. Watch the movie from Lund University when the discovery was done!

The H13 products offer you as a customer the unique blend of these brand new and patented lactic acid bacteria with a standardized amount. All H13 products consist of 13 different species that include the lactic acid bacteria that bees use to protect themselves and their honey. The H13 products deliver an extra small army of soldiers just like original honey from wild honeybee colonies can do.

Consume the H13 products as they are and without heating, preferably  before bedtime. But you can mix them in the porridge and yogurt too, but keep in mind that the porridge must not be hotter than finger-hot. To keep the bacteria alive and active, the H13 products must be stored in the freezer.

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