ApiH ointment (small)

239.00 kr


The newly developed and patented pilot product ApiH’s active substance is the 13 viable lactic acid bacteria and its bioactive substances, in a matrix of Swedish pasteurised Heather honey and water. The strength of this product is the unique patented composition of nine varieties of Lactobacilli and four varieties of Bifidobacteria from honey bees that are already adapted to the honey mix. It is the same composition and content as PhDs Alejandra Vásquez and Tobias Olofsson discovered in their research at Medical Microbiology, Lund University, Sweden.

Användning: ApiH ointment is intended for veterinary use and is used in hard-to-treat skin problems.

Content: a small package contains 2 tubes. Each tube ApiH (18g) consists of:

  • 5×108 of 13 different lactic acid bacteria that cooperate.
  • 16 g pasteurized Heather honey.
  • 2 g of water.

Storage: in the freezer according to the expire date available on the packaging.


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