Elixir – Balanced (37,5 cl)

245.00 kr

Our Elixir is a high-tech craft!


Elixir contains only natural ingredients; Scanian honey and bee pollen, 17 patented microorganisms that ferment directly in the bottle, as well as water.


Balanced (37,5 cl bottle) –
our Elixir
 Balanced is an exclusive and prehistoric champagne with a balance of the honey’s sweetness and the acid from the lactic acid bacteria together with the yeasts’ aromas and bubbles.

  • Alcohol content 2,25 %.
  • 37,5 cl Champagne bottle.
  • Keep refrigerated.
  • Best before date is 3 months in the refrigerator after arrival to customer. The beverage is not manufactured until ordered.



Honey Hunter’s Elixir – The Drink of the Gods

A unique Swedish beverage innovation!


  • A world-unique drink, the only one that recreates “the drink of the gods,” which is now brewed with unique terroir, many years of experience and inherited knowledge.
  • A functional drink that is quite unique in its kind and taste, with its very high content of live lactic acid bacteria.
  • A drink founded in 12 years of Swedish research and development and protected by global patents.
  • Only natural ingredients and no chemical additives.
  • A craft with fermentation directly in the bottle, by 17 cooperating microorganisms, through a complicated process that has now been standardized.


Our aromatic Elixir, with its bubbly freshness and light sweetness, suits many different types of food and snacks.


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NOTE: The postage is included in the price but for Sweden only, for postage in the rest of Europe please contact us for prices. Do not forget to enter your mobile number when ordering. You can also pick it up on site at our premises in Gantofta (south of Helsingborg, Sweden) by arrangement.