H13 capsules

179.00 kr

H13 capsules, at last we have developed a new method that allows us to offer you billions of our 13 kinds of lactic acid bacteria derived from honey bees without having to store them in the freezer. The newly developed method freezes the bacteria under very mild conditions, which are then mixed with only natural ingredients and packed in vacuum, which preserve the bacteria in a capsule form.

Each package contains: 30 vegetative H13 capsules with billions of 13 types of patented and scientifically documented lactic acid bacteria from honey bees, 9 Lactobacilli and 4 Bifidobacteria.


H13 capsules

The capsules contain the same 13 bacterial cultures as all our H13 products; Lactobacillus mellis, L. melliventris, L. apinorum, L. helsingborgensis, L. kullabergensis, L. mellifer, L. kimbladii, L. kunkeei, L. apis, Bifidobacterium coryneforme, B. asteroids Bin2, B. asteroids Bin7 and B. asteroids Hma3.

Each package lasts for about one month and contains 30 vegetative H13 capsules with billions of our lactic acid bacteria derived from honey bees.

Dietary supplements should be taken as part of a varied diet.

Ingredients: 30 vegetative capsules with fructose 0.13g, glucose 0.13g, bee pollen 0.04g and billions of our patented and scientifically documented 13 lactic acid bacterial cultures.

Dosage: consume 1-3 capsules daily after meals.

Net weight per capsule: 0.3g.

Store dry and at room temperature.