H13 essential

249.00 kr

H13 essential contains all honeybee’s treasures; their own lactic acid bacteria, honey and bee pollen.


Gives you the best blend of honeybee’s treasures

This H13 product contains the highest number of lactic acid bacteria ever found by our research, which corresponds to the number found in wild and fresh original honey, just like in our other functional food product, H13 original. The difference is that H13 essential also contains bee-pollen which is a fantastic product that honeybees collect and contains many plant proteins. Therefore, this tastes different and reminds you of rose hip.

H13 essential is our premium product and contains honeybee’s all treasures, hence the name essential.

Dosage: Consume one sachet per day preferably with meals.

Contents: One box contains 10 sachets. A sachet consists of 14 g product of which:

  • 10 g Swedish forest honey (30 Kcal, fructose 3.5 g, glucose 3 g, water 1.6 g, sucrose 0.4 g, other sugars as ribose, mannose etc. 0.4 g).
  • 1 g of water
  • 3 g Swedish bee-pollen (10 Kcal, protein 0.6 g, fibers 0.4 g, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids).
  • Honeybee’s own collaborating lactic acid bacteria, a total of 100 million per gram of product.

Storage: in the freezer according to the best date before packaging or in refrigeration only for 5 weeks.


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