H13 original-big size package

2,233.00 kr

H13 original, is like original and wild honey, with its unique content of honeybee’s own viable and active lactic acid bacteria in the highest number.


Reflects fresh/original honey collected by a honey hunter.

This H13 product contains the highest number of our patented lactic acid bacteria found in our research, corresponding to the number found in wild fresh honey but now in standardized form. H13 original is recommended to be eaten daily as a part of a balanced diet.

Note: You save 35% of the regular price when you buy a big package. Do not forget to enter your mobile number when ordering to get a sms notification!

Dosage: One sachet daily is consumed as it is, in connection with meals or before bedtime. Can not be heated.

Contents: One large pack contains 150 sachets. Each sachet contains 14 g of which:

Honeybee’s own 13 different and cooperating lactic acid bacteria, in a concentration of 100 million bacteria per gram of product.

  • 13 g Swedish forest honey (43 kcal)
  • 1 g of water

Storage: in the freezer according to the best date before packaging or in refrigeration only for 5 weeks.


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