High13 sport – big size package

689.00 kr

Your own natural sports drink!


Natural sports drink with a natural acidity.

This is our sports drink to be mixed with water and consumed during exercise and at home.

Dosage: Advantageously mixed in water (2 dl) and consumed as a sports drink in conjunction with exercise. It  can also be eaten as it is. Can not be heated.

Note: You save 35% of the regular price when you buy a big bag. Do not forget to enter your mobile number when ordering to get a sms notification!

Contents: A package contains 75 sachets. A sachet consists of 28 g product of which:

24 g Swedish forest honey (79 Kcal)
3.4 g of water.
Lemon concentrate 0.6 g.

Honeybee’s own 13 different lactic acid bacteria, a total of 1 million per gram of product.

Storage: in the freezer according to the best date before packaging or in refrigeration only for 5 weeks.


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