High13 sport

99.00 kr

Your own natural sports drink!


Natural sports drink with natural acidity.

This is our sports drink that is mixed with water and consumed during exercise and at home.

Dosage: Advantageously mixed in water (2 dl) and consumed as a sports drink in conjunction with exercise. Can also be eaten as it is. Can not be heated.

Contents: A package contains 7 sachets. A sachet consists of 28 g product of which:

  • 24 g Swedish forest honey (79 Kcal, fructose 9.2 g, glucose 8 g, water 4.3 g, sucrose 1.1 g, other sugars ribos, mannose etc. 1.1 g).
  • 3.4 g of water.
  • Lemon concentrate 0.6 g.

Honeybee’s own 13 different lactic acid bacteria, a total of 1 million per gram of product.
Storage: in the freezer according to the best date before packaging or in refrigeration only for 5 weeks.


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