SymBeeotic – of bees for bees (for 10 hives)

199.00 kr

The product SymBeeotic’s active ingredient is the honeybees’s own 13 viable and cooperative lactic acid bacteria found in honeybees  where they live in symbiosis (collaboration) with honeybees for millions of years. Here are the instructions for SymBeeotic.


Our product SymBeeotic active ingredient is the honeybee’s own and collaborating 13 lactic acid bacteria found in honeybees where they have lived in symbiosis (collaboration) with them for millions of years. It is this unique collaborative lactic acid bacterial culture that PhDs Alejandra Vásquez and Tobias Olofsson discovered in their research at Lund University, Sweden, in 2005. Honeybee’s own lactic acid bacteria are their own natural defense against unwanted microorganisms that can spoil their food and expose honeybees and their larvae to diseases. But can be given back to honeybees by SymBeeotic when honeybees are vulnerable.

Click here ro see the video about SymBeeotic produced by Lund University. However, the product is today improved and more user friendly but is given to honeybees in the same way.

SymBeeotic is sold as a freeze dried product and is delivered in a package containing either 1 or 5 vials where each vial is sufficient to handle 10 hives.

Usage: SymBeeotic is intended for honeybees and can be given when bees are vulnerable. For more information follow the instructions.

Table of Contents: 13 different varieties of honeybee’s own lactic acid bacterial cultures at a level of 1 million bacteria per vial.

Storage: Long storage (more than 6 months) in freezer, otherwise at room temperature.