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The latest letter we received that made our day!

Listened to your brilliant lecture the other day.

When you introduced H13 Essential did you mention Crohn, then I was somewhat surprised, a little honey with bacteria can not help?

I have suffered from Crohn’s syndrome for more than fifty (50) years and has eaten kilos of medications and other preparations during this time, with virtually no effects other than side effects.
I was very skeptical – surely this could have no effect when nothing else worked as promised.
Purchased after the lecture at least a pack of ten doses and squeezed one as soon as I got home, tasted very good, always something.
The next morning I had breakfast as usual and sat down to wait for my usual breakfast stomach pains, none came at all. Placebo Effect? Hardly enough, I was very skeptical and for a placebo effect one must have some belief in the preparation?In fact, I have now taken one bag a day for ten days and my otherwise so miserable stomach has worked as it should without the usual evil. Can it really help so quickly? And so effective?
I am well aware that Crohn is an incurable autoimmune disease and that I am not healthy – it just feels that way now.
So my ten bags are out now and I have just ordered two new ten packs, the good effect this preparation will have in the coming days I will buy a big pack next time. Tobias! For all the butter in Småland let this preparation’s effect on IBD (and IBS) come to the attention of the world! Turn on the big drum !!
My doctor has no knowledge, and I now refuse to take the more or less dangerous drugs prescribed by school medicine.
With high hopes for your success and very kind regards,
/Mats Göransson

About ApiH wound ointment

A very good product! Have used it a lot on horses!

– Lena Margareta Karlsson

About SymBeeotic

Symbeeotic definitely helps bee colonies to become stronger.
In the winter of 2017-18, I prepared 10 colonies for the winter rest. In the spring of 2018, a colony died, and I found a colony with Nosema, but with living bees left. I cleaned out this colony and they soon rebuilt full strength. In 2018, I have doubled 6 of the colonies through swarms, most with SymBeeotic, which I sold.
Just as it is mandatory to treat with oxalic acid, it should be mandatory with SymBeeotic

/Tomas Read

About H13 original

“I am a student and it can sometimes be quite difficult, sometimes you have to be persistent to get through a boring school work, or keep concentration up when reading on for a test. H13 helps me stay focused by giving me energy when fatigue sets in. ”

– Elisabeth Nilsson

“I have been diagnosed with goitre. And the symptoms of it are a lot of fatigue. And have tested most of it to become more energetic when I am only 27 and do not want to lie down and sleep away life. So tested on H13 and got hope of life again as I became more energetic. And do not feel like 95 years. So incredibly good ”

– Tina Aspman

“I have eaten a package of Doctor Honey H13 original a day all winter and this is the first winter that I have not had a cold! Fantastic! whether it depends on the honey or not I leave it unsaid. (but I think so) ”

– David Palle Broberg

“As soon as I start feeling low I immediately take H13 for a few days, the result is brilliant I will be good again. Tada !!! ”

– Senada Trstena

“With two children in kindergarten, you need all the supplements you can get. H13 gives me the energy to cope with cleaning vomit, playing games and making dinner. ”

– Johanna Andersson

About H13 essential

“My first experience with Doctor Honey, I remember very well. It was last fall, when my stomach was saying goodbye and my everyday life was a constant struggle to counter the pain in my stomach. I tested a lot of products from Apoteket, I visited the doctor but everything felt hopeless and nothing helped. I reluctantly attended the lectures at school but when I got home I could hardly do anything because of the pain in the stomach. After a couple of weeks, I felt that my life could not look like this so I had to find something that could help me and that was when I found your website, and it saved my everyday life! I tested H13 essential and it was the best thing I did, for a couple of days after eating it my stomach was feeling much better and everyday life finally became as usual again and my energy came back! So thank you for your fantastic products ”

– Elin Rosqvist

About HIGH13

“I usually drink a cup of HIGH13 after a hard workout. Started with it about 3 months ago when after my pregnancy I often became cold and ill and I experienced that my immune system had gotten worse. Ever since then I have only been cold once (previously I was cold and sick every other week). A big plus because it’s natural products! ”

– Kristin Waara